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Help us WIN and DISCIPLE

One Million Souls for Jesus by 2028

Pastor Steven Koko
Founder, Evangelist, Pastor

Pastor Steve answered the call of God at the age of 11 and never looked back. He immediately began to evangelize to everyone in his path and disciple with tireless energy. He has an unique passion like very few people and is relentless to reach the unsaved.
In 2006, God brought the vision and plan for Pastor Koko for South America and to take cities and nations for Jesus. The video below documents the early days.

4 Minute Video – 2014
Steve’s humble but large beginnings
– His Calling –

WHAT HAPPENED IN 2015 “Barranquilla Colombia REVIVAL”

Barranquilla Will Never Be The Same

20,000 Souls Saved
Churches Confirm Steady Growth
24/7 Prayer Move Still Active
Unity Movement Expands to 16 additional Municipalities
Still Believing For 1 Million Souls

20 Minute Video
Excellent Documentary & Testimony
– The Victory of God –

Barranquilla for Christ

The vision of one Believer and a willingness to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, produced revival in a very short time. The number of Believers who agreed and caught the vision, joined in and all were determined to see God’s plan manifest. Oh…

did it come together in a glorious way.

This video demonstrates that a vision is possible for unity and passion in Jesus Christ and to change lives for eternity in a city and nation.


Panama Now Belongs To Christ

2.5% of Panama Accepted Jesus
70,000 Believers Attended
1,000 Catholic Salvations
100,000 Student Salvations
Reduced Crime Rate by 50%

40 Minute Video
Excellent Documentary & Testimony
– God’s Plan –

Panama for Christ

There were many great Believers involved to bring this revival into existance. This move of God was organized and built upon the experience that took place with the “Barranquilla for Christ” revival.

Please view the video in order to gain a deeper appreciation for what God did through so many key Believers for the Kingdom of God.


Steven Koko with ‘Cities For Christ’ and Dr. Solomon Kepkey of ‘Go Missions Africa’ formed a new ministry called Nations For Christ as the result of the CFC Panama revival in 2019. They are co-visionaries with Nations For Christ.

Steven Koko and Dr. Kepkey united thousands of churches to pray together and prepare and conduct crusades.

They then trained up thousands in the region from all churches to evangelize and disciple new believers. They facilitated and spearheaded the actual works of evangelism and discipleship throughout all of Costa Rica.

For more information on NFC click here:

2 Minute Video
Recent 2022 Update
-On The Move-

Costa Rica Para Cristo

The initial momentum was impacted by the pandemic however recently many new doors have opened to Steven and Dr. Kepkey. They are now coordinating evangelism for over 255 schools for the next several months.

This is exciting to have favor unlike anything before with so many youth who will impact families and local communities for Jesus. It is life changing for Costa Rica.


Church of Panama
Oasis of Hope / Behold Church

Nick Gellis is from Chicago and was invited on a mission trip to Barrnquilla several years ago. He never returned to Chicago and now lives in El Velle, Panama. He met his wife Zulmy and they founded a church as the result of the Christ For Panama crusades in 2018. Nick preached in schools throughout Panama and saw over 10,000 students receive Christ.

Nick is the lead pastor and his wife Zulmy is the worship leader for Oasis of Hope. They are the prototype church for the End Time Harvest.


100,000 Students in Costa Rica throughout 255 Schools

Cities for Christ has been granted permission and given great favor to work directly with students in the Costa Rica school system to develop their faith in Christ Jesus.

This program will teach students how to serve God and their communities to impact turn around and reverse generational curses. The goal is to raise up a generation that will embrace and reflect the character of God; and to also unleash the blessings of God on their families and communities.

My Refuge Center in Cartagena, Colombia

Cities for Christ has recently established a working relationship with the local and national government in Cartagena, Colombia for women and their children. These women will be rescued from prostitution and the sex slave industry, along with their children, and brought to this safe refuge facility for a new beginning in life.

This is a partnership that will benefit the local communities, their families, and provide a second chance for women who see no way out from their current situations and lifestyle.

Boot Camp for Evangelism Training

This is a 4 month accelerated Evangelism Training Program to prepare men and women who are passionate about winning souls for Christ. The program is designed to equip students to carry out effective evangelism along with a demonstration of power to their communities.

Mission Extreme TV Reality Show

Pastor Steve Koko is one of three evangelists invited to be a part of the first TV reality show that goes behind the scenes of a passionate evangelist’s life on the missions field that will do anything (to include extreme) to reach the lost for Jesus.

The TV has begun work to produce 12 episodes that will air for an entire season on major networks. There will be more details come forward as the season show is being completed per deadlines.

30 Second Video
Extreme Reality TV Preview