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Join the Fight to Rescue Women and Protect Their Children from the Sex Trade.

The Oasis Refugee Center


Psalms 107:35-36 TPT

“But he also can turn a barren wilderness into an oasis with water! He can make springs flow into desert lands and turn them into fertile valleys so that cities spring up, and he gives it all to those who are hungry.”



We believe in restoring the dignity, value, and purpose of every woman as a human being, not as a commodity.


Rescue, restore, and empower victims of sex trafficking, prostitution, and their children.


Love, passion, faith, kindness, solidarity, responsibility, humility, dignity, respect, and excellence.


We focus on women victims of human trafficking and prostitution, along with their children.

About The Oasis:

Cities for Christ has recently established a working relationship with the local and national government in Cartagena, Colombia for women and their children. These women will be rescued from prostitution and the sex slave industry, along with their children, and brought to this safe refuge facility for a new beginning in life.

This is a partnership that will benefit the local communities, and families, and provide a second chance for women who see no way out from their current situations and lifestyle.

Join us on this transformative journey as we bring hope, healing, and a chance for a better future to these courageous women. Together, we can make a lasting impact and break the chains of exploitation.

Through the grace of God, we have been blessed with a generous donation of $360,000 towards the purchase of a property just 90 minutes away from Cartagena in the city of Puerto Colombia.  However, we still need an additional $40,000 to secure the property which is our first priority.   We will need an additional $750,000 to construct the living headquarters for 50 women and their children, which also includes a chapel, a health care facility, a soccer field, a dance studio, and a school for their children.

Our vision extends beyond mere infrastructure. We have already engaged in fruitful discussions with the government, who are committed to providing us with legal support and work opportunities for these women upon completion of our holistic restoration program.

With your support, we can manifest this divine vision and create a sanctuary of renewal. Together, let’s empower these women, providing them with the tools, education, and hope they need to change their lives, and their children for all eternity.

To donate towards this cause, click here and write in the comments,  “My Refuge Center.”


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