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Sponsor A Missionary
Support missionaries eager to go into rural areas of Central and South America. Cities For Christ missionaries are hand picked and trained to minister the love of Christ Latin America. You can support the work of a missionary and enable villages, schools, and inner cities to experience Christ and all He has done for them.
By sponsoring a missionary with Cities For Christ, you will:
​1. Enable men and women to minister in areas that may be restricted or closed to other organizations.
2. Partner with a ministry who have led over 265,000 souls to Christ.
3. A monthly pledge will help a missionary to serve full time to bring the hope that can only be found 
in Jesus Christ.
Pastor Nick & Zulmy Gellis
​Oasis of Hope
Nick Gellis is from Chicago and was invited on a mission trip to Barranquilla Colombia several years ago. He never returned to his life in Chicago and now lives in El Valle, Panama. He met his wife Zulmy and they founded a church as the result of the movement Panama Para Cristo. Nick preached in schools throughout Panama and saw over 10,000 students receive Christ. Nick is the lead pastor and his wife worship leader for Behold Church. They have founded Oasis of Hope Panama, to bring hope, help and transformation to the poor and needy.
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Samantha Gellis resides in Chicago, Illinois and is the Operations Director of Cities for Christ. Samantha holds a Bachelors in Economics from UC San Diego. After graduating college, she went on her first Mission trip to Cali, Colombia in 2017.
Realizing she had a heart for the lost, Samantha attended the Jesus Image Ministry School in Orlando, Florida. She is gifted in administration, discipleship, and clearly has a heart for children. Samantha’s strongest desire is to take care of orphans and children in need.
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Milena Noel resides in Colombia and serves Cities for Christ as a missionary,
dance leader, translator, and has a deep love for the lost and less fortunate. Milena went on her first Mission Extreme to Barranquilla, Colombia in 2015.
Commissioned for missions, she attended the Iris Harvest School of Missions in Mozambique, Africa. Milena has since served on missions teams throughout
Colombia, Panama, and the United States including the year long Panama Para Cristo movement.
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Panama Bus Project
As the Behold Church in Panama continues to grow, there is a large need to provide transportation to those hungry to receive the word of God and attend church.
Donations to this fund will go directly to fulfilling this need.
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